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Three takes next steps in connecting Arranmore

Three makes further steps in partnership with Donegal island



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5 September 2019 | 0

Three Ireland is trialling state-of-the-art internet of things (IoT) solutions in Arranmore, as the second phase of the duo’s partnership.

The island of Arranmore is 5 km off the Co Donegal coast. With the introduction of IoT, Three hopes to deliver new opportunities for the community and to manage some of the challenges that they face.

In April, Three launched its partnership with Arranmore with the establishment of MODAM, a digital hub to service the island. The hub enhanced connectivity for business and community facilities to enable more people to live and work from the island. It also installed its Business broadband+ solution in several local business and community facilities.




Since the launch of MODAM, Three has worked closely with the island community. It identified that IoT solutions could enhance employment and enterprise opportunities and benefit the wider community.


A significant percentage of Arranmore’s population is over the age of 65 and lives alone. As such, Three has implemented an IoT solution to help them maintain their independence and keep them safe at home. Sensors are placed on doors, appliances and water tanks, to gradually build a profile of a person’s habits. If the pattern dramatically changes or stops altogether, an alert is sent to a family member or neighbour. Currently, this solution is being trialled in three homes on the island.


Fishing has been the lifeblood or Arranmore for centuries and it is now taking advantage of cutting-edge technology with tailored IoT solutions. Buoys have been kitted out with sensors to allow fishermen to pinpoint their net locations in real time. Sensors have also been installed on water tanks on board fishing vessels. If fresh seawater stops flowing over the catch it will alert the fishermen to ensure that the fish arrive in the best condition possible.


Weather is the key metric for life on the island and, with the closest weather station over 100km from Arranmore, Three has installed a localised autonomous weather station on the island to provide residents and businesses with immediate and local weather information. Travel to and from Arranmore via sea or air is dependent on the weather, making this a valuable resource. Protection of the environment is critical for the sustainability of the island and so air, rainfall and tidal sensors have also been installed to constantly monitor changing conditions around Arranmore.

“We approached this project as we would any enterprise, working in partnership to identify the challenge and designing a bespoke solution to address it,” said Eóin MacManus, chief business officer, Three Ireland. “As Ireland’s leading data network, we know how connectivity can transform lives and businesses and it is really encouraging to see the positive impact it is having on Arranmore.”

Adrian Begley from the Arranmore Island Community Council said: “Since the launch of our partnership with Three, we are seeing the great benefits of enhanced connectivity on the island. MODAM, our remote working hub, has had over 50 different users since it recently opened, and a number of islanders are looking to make a full time move home.

“The deployment of the IoT solutions is taking the partnership to the next level, not just for those involved, but for the broader community. IoT is an exciting development for a community like Arranmore as its applications are wide ranging and can assist with everything from care of the elderly to improving productivity and working conditions in local traditional industries such as fishing.”

To find out more about Three’s partnership with Arranmore check out the latest video.

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