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1 April 2005 | 0

The latest add-on for The Sims gives the characters some loyal, lifelong companions — pets. Even the loneliest Sim can hop on a bus downtown and pick up a pet — provided they have the money to pay for it. Like other members of the Sim family, the animal will have to be fed and kept entertained, and even housebroken. Get a dog and you are bound to find yourself cleaning up more mess than ever before; catch them in the act and you can scold your pet on the spot, otherwise, you’ll have to wait to express your displeasure.

Invest in a new animals bed for your pet to sleep in, or buy them a kennel for outdoors if you really don’t want them in the house.

Of course, the add-on has new things for the human members of your Sim family too. There are new career paths — such as a dog walker — for your Sim to explore. And if you are feeling in a particularly vicious mood with a member of your family, you can order your trusty pet to attack them.




Stray animals can wander onto your lot — you have the option of making friends with them or shooing them away. With so many animals around, you can become a regular Doctor Dolittle! As with the people sims, fights are bound to break out now and again; some of the cats and dogs fight like… well, cats and dogs.

If you are the competitive type, you can beautify your pet and train them to be an obedient animal, and then take them along to the local amenities areas and enter the pet show.

Apart from the stray animals, there is a new threat to the harmony of the human Sims — racoons will rifle your bin, disturbing your sleep, and skunks may cause a bit of a stink at the neighbourhood barbeque if you mistake them for a friendlier animal. But never fear — where the developers create problems, they also give you solutions. If the animal takes up residence on your lot, you can call animal control and get it removed — for a price.

There isn’t a whole lot different from the original Sims game in this add-on; the gameplay is the same, although you do have the added interaction options that came with other add-on packs. The Sims still talk nonsense — don’t even try to understand it — and graphics are pretty impressive.

  • Rating: 86%
  • NB: Needs original Sims game to run!
  • Contact Game: +353 (0)1-6773755


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