The future of UC is here, in a flexible, scalable and responsive service, says Blueface’s Martin

Brian Martin, Blueface

19 July 2016

Dublin headquartered cloud telephony and communications service provider, Blueface, has released its Blueface UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) platform which will accelerate the departure from traditional analogue telecommunications for organisations large and small.


Unified communications (UC) is the real time integration of communications services such as IP telephony and fixed mobile convergence with non-real time services such as mailboxes, providing a consistent, unified user-interface and user-experience across multiple devices.

The Blueface UCaaS platform allows businesses phone systems to be managed by users in real time with drag and drop configuration, simultaneous dialling of fixed and mobile devices for each user whilst providing a full suite of communications features such as call recording and call conferencing.

“This platform is the future of unified communications, providing flexible, scalable and responsive communications services for businesses of all sizes”, said Alan Foy, Blueface Group CEO.

“Every organisation has differing communications needs and Blueface UCaaS can meet each of these, whether that be enabling enterprise mobility for large corporates, remote working for smaller businesses or bespoke deployments. Worldwide, the UC market is experiencing major growth as businesses move away from analogue telephony to realise the benefits of cloud communications as a service. We believe that Blueface offers a best in class solution that takes an operationally critical business service and makes it more efficient and powerful without compromising on reliability,” said Foy.

“UCaaS is available on a monthly subscription based on the amount of phone numbers an organisation needs, with the only hardware requirements being IP or mobile handsets, which the company can provide”

The Blueface UCaaS platform has been developed in-house by our engineering team which also has operations in the United Kingdom and Italy and expansion plans for the US, Germany, France and Spain keyed by the release of the new platform.

Blueface is an end to end communications provider, operating an IP voice network which carries calls for the new UCaaS platform and providing Panasonic IP phones through an exclusive distribution deal. These are configurable in real time via the platform as well as Blueface’s own softphone application which will launch later this year.

One of the major benefits for businesses that Blueface UCaaS brings is the ability to configure their phone systems via their administration portal and see the changes take effect in real time via their desk or mobile device.

Changing the caller ID, extensions or conference room pins can be done via your Blueface account in real time, so the next time that you pick up your phone they have been made.

Blueface UCaaS is available on a monthly subscription based on the amount of phone numbers an organisation needs, with the only hardware requirements being IP or mobile handsets, which the company can provide. Businesses save 40% on average when they move from legacy analogue systems to the company’s IP telephony services with an interactive quote calculator made available on

The move from traditional analogue to cloud hosted unified communications was already gathering pace for organisations of all sizes. We believe that the Blueface UCaaS platform will show more and more businesses that moving to Unified Communications from traditional telecoms solutions that their communications can be an enabling tool, rather than a rigid restriction affecting everyday operations.


Brian Martin is general manager of Blueface



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