The Access Group creates People division for HR software, content, services

Dean Forbes, Access People
Dean Forbes, Access People

HR software provider acquired CoreHR last March



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30 September 2020 | 0

The Access Group has launched a new divison Access People covering HR software, content and services. The new division employs 835 staff and has a turnover of £112.8 million.

Access People joins The Access Group’s existing HR operations with seven recent acquisitions, including Cork-based CoreHR.

Access People solutions will soon be made available through Access Workspace, a unified platform that brings together every application from The Access Group into a simple user experience.




“With CoreHR, PeopleHR, Safety Media, Payroll Service Company, MicroLearn, Unicorn and Riliance joining the Access family in the last eighteen months or so, the possibilities for what we can do for our customers are endless,” said Dean Forbes, president of Access People division.

“We are bringing the teams and technologies from these companies together with The Access Group’s existing HR-related offerings to become Access People.

“Access People will provide customers with absolute freedom and flexibility, unparalleled breadth, depth and scalability across all areas of HCM, payroll, learning and development and compliance.”

Access People employs 251 across offices in Cork and Kilkenny.

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