Tesco and ESB to roll out electric vehicle charge points nationwide

52 chargers will be installed across 18 counties
Marguerite Sayers, director of customer solutions, ESB Ireland and Kari Daniels, CEO, Tesco Ireland

20 December 2019

Tesco Ireland has partnered with ESB to install electric vehicle (EV) chargers at 52 locations cross-country. Now, Tesco customers in 18 counties can charge their EVs while they shop. The roll out will begin in early 2020 and is expected to be completed by autumn.

The 22kW dual chargers will facilitate two vehicles simultaneously and provide up to 145km of driving range in one hour. ESB will include the new outlets on its charge point map.

This development comes as EVs are on the up in Ireland. Of the 15,000 EVs on Irish roads today, over 4,750 were registered in 2019. This represents a year-on-year increase of 142%. Sales are expected to at least double next year.




According to Tesco Ireland, it has relied solely on renewable electricity sources since 2017. Its energy management strategy, which included a large-scale LED project, and refrigeration, heating and ventilation upgrades, resulted in a 24% reduction in electricity consumption over the past five years.

“At Tesco we recognise that a growing number of our customers who visit our stores are using electric vehicles,” said Kari Daniels, CEO, Tesco Ireland. “With all our electricity already coming from renewable sources across our network we want to support our customers with convenience-based charging.  Partnering with ESB installing these charging sites nationwide will help the government’s Climate Action Plan and our aim as a business to become a zero-carbon retailer by 2050.” 

“The electrification of transport is a key element of our Brighter Future Strategy and our partnership with Tesco Ireland reaffirms our commitment to this,” said Marguerite Sayers, director of customer solutions, ESB Ireland. “The addition of these chargers at Tesco stores ensures more customers will have a reliable, accessible network for the benefit of all users.”

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