Steljes introduces Vividtouch Windows 10 interactive panels

Conor McGrogan, Steljes
Conor McGrogan, Steljes



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23 March 2016 | 0

Steljes has introduced its next generation of Vividtouch screens with the world’s first series of Windows 10 interactive panels.

The VTF series includes a built-in full-feature quad-core Intel Windows 10 device that delivers a far superior performance than the processors incorporated into most Android touch screens. The operating system enables users to access, manage and create content, use familiar software packages, browse the internet and gain access to over 669,000 apps available through the Windows store.

“We have been working in the education market for almost three decades and have used our knowledge and expertise to deliver a solution that can really meet the specific needs of the sector. When it comes to any new technology in the classroom, we understand how important it is to have a system that is cost-effective and offers ease of use, as well as great performance,” said Conor McGrogan, MD, Steljes Ireland (pictured).

“These next generation interactive panels are intuitive and more accurate than other models. The fully functioning Windows 10 device built into the front of class display removes the additional expense of having a separate PC permanently situated in the classroom. The VTF series provides a solution that will not only boost the current technological capabilities in the classroom but will also play a critical role in futureproofing the learning environment for years to come.”

Steve Beswick, director of UK education, Microsoft, said: “With over 200 million users of Windows 10 across the globe, we are delighted that companies like Steljes are choosing Windows 10 as the preferred inbuilt platform for interactive displays within education.”

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