Spotify begins testing in-app polls for podcast episodes

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The Rewatchers will be among the first podcasts to get new feature



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24 September 2020 | 0

Just a couple of months after rolling out video podcasts and charts for its most popular podcasts, Spotify has yet another podcasting feature to unveil: polls.

Spotify says its new polling feature for podcasts is a test, and that it will roll out for “most” Spotify users starting today, while all Spotify users will get the feature shortly thereafter.

The new polls appear directly in the Spotify app, either on the relevant podcast episode page or on the Now Playing screen.




The questions and answers will come from the actual podcasters. A sample question from The Rewatchables is “Which of these is the best Fincher film?,” with the answers ranging from Se7en and Fight Club to Zodiac and The Social Network.

Once you tap an answer, you’ll be able to see how your answers compare with how other listeners responded. The polls will be ‘fully optional’ and your answers will be anonymous, Spotify says.

The first polls will appear on select Spotify Originals and exclusive podcasts, including The Rewatchables, Incredible Feats with Dan Cummins, and Crime Countdown.

It’s been a busy summer for podcasts on Spotify. The music streaming service rolled out charts for top and trending podcasts in July, followed just a week later by support for video podcasts. Spotify has also been heavily investing in exclusive podcasts, shelling out hundreds of millions for the rights to The Joe Rogan Experience and Bill Simmons’s The Ringer podcast network.

Meanwhile, Amazon just tossed its hat into the podcasting ring, announcing the rollout last week of free podcasts on Amazon Music.

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