Solgari releases landline ‘killer’

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12 May 2016

Dublin-based cloud telephony and communications provider, Solgari, has released its Solgari Connect Web Real Time Communications (WebRTC) service, which it says could spell the end for the workplace landline.

WebRTC is an open source browser communications protocol supported by Google, Firefox, Microsoft and Apple, which offers instant voice, video, IM and conference communications via an internet browser.

As implemented within the Solgari Connect service, it allows users to make and accept calls from any internet connected device, without downloading additional applications, installing plug-ins/extensions or even logging in, says Solgari.

“This service is a telephone killer, make no mistake,” said John Colgan, CEO, Solgari. “Most of us find and access a business’ contact information via the Internet. Solgari Connect WebRTC means users don’t have to change device or even leave the page to start communicating. They can do so instantly, choosing between voice, video and IM, as per their want. We believe this is the first product of its kind anywhere in the world and expect a huge number of businesses to sign up. After which it could lead to them never using landline phones again.”

According to the maker, the new Solgari Connect service has a number of key benefits, such as no need for additional hardware beyond the usual complement of browser, microphone and speakers, all of which come as standard on any modern laptop, desktop or smart connected device (SCD).

Soligari said that unlike Webex and Skype for business, Solgari Connect WebRTC does not require users to install plug-ins or mobile apps, or even log in. It is therefore, the maker argues, quicker and easier for users to start 1-2-1 or 1-2-many communications, doing so by clicking a link or dedicated button (connecting customers or prospects to an assigned extension number or call queue within the company).

The new service also enjoys device and location neutrality, as the extension numbers on which Solgari Connect communications are answered can belong to single users or teams and shared across numerous devices, so that the users are always within contact as they switch between locations and endpoints. The system is also fully configurable, meaning users can define what extensions are available when, making the solution ideal for mobile/out-of-hours/emergency support. Likewise, a single extension number can also be assigned to a team or a queue (answered by the first available operator), to an automated message, or an Interactive Voice Response (IVR), allowing for human/computer interaction.

Making a call via Solgari Connect WebRTC is free on Wi-Fi, says Soligari, in contrast to many other business oriented services.

The Solgari Connect WebRTC service is available now to all new and existing Solgari Cloud Telephony, Contact Centre & Web Collaboration customers, meaning they can include links and ‘call now’ buttons on their websites, application and email signatures.

Solgari services are available on a per user per month subscription and are modular, allowing customers to pick and choose the different services required for different users in different global locations. Because all services are cloud software based, there are no infrastructure or hardware requirements. On average, Solgari said that customers will see yearly savings of more than 40% compared to legacy telephony and contact centre providers.

“There is clear demand for instant ‘click to call’ communications from customer focused websites that can then be handled by staff using their CRM platform,” said Stuart Cassie, business development director. “Solgari’s WebRTC capability and Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration opens up an exciting solution.”


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