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1 April 2005 | 0

If you have a digital camera, a digital video camera or a handheld computer, you are probably familiar with portable storage media. Smart media, Secure Digital, memory Stick, Compact Flash – the list goes on.

Regular users of these portable storage media will probably have some kind of card reader, such as a Compact Flash reader. That’s fine if all your devices use the same standard, but what if you handheld computer uses Secure Digital and your digital camera uses Smart Media?

This is where universal readers come into the picture. The SmartDisk Universal Reader will read and write to Compact Flash, Smart Media, Secure Digital, MultiMediaCard, IBM Microdrive and Memory Stick.




Digital music, video, picture and even text files can be transferred using the reader. It communicates with your computer through a USB port, and the device is compatible with both Windows and Mac machines, so Mac users aren’t being left out.

The device’s documentation claims it is up to three times faster than direct camera connection, but that is something you will have to decide for yourself.

The whole process has been made as easy as possible. Instead of lying flat on the desk, the Universal Reader stands vertically, so you can remove and insert the cards without even needing to pick up the device. Because the card reader is a mass storage class device, newer versions of Windows won’t require any special driver software to use the device. Users of Mac OS X can also just connect the reader and it will work immediately, without any need for a reboot.

If the thought of adding yet another peripheral to the growing mass on your desk is a bit too much to take, don’t worry; the SmartDisk reader is compact and won’t take up too much room.

The package includes ACDSee photo editing and management software – although if you already own a digital camera, the chances are that you will have some kind of editing software on your PC or Mac. A trial version of SmartDisk MVP software is also included – this allows you to create Video CDs, DVD discs, MP3 discs, picture slide shows, etc for your friends and family.


  • Easy to use and install, the SmartDisk Universal Reader is a valuable addition to the desktop
  • Price: EUR59.99
  • Rating: 70%
  • TNS Distribution: +353 (0)1-882 9777

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