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1 April 2005 | 0

We all know that flat screen TVs are the new must-have technology. The only thing is, they’re more expensive than your average TV. If the 42in screens are way out of your price range, start small. Much smaller, in fact.

The Black Diamond Diva range of TVs includes a 15in model — perfect for the kitchen or bedroom. For under €600, you will get a small but perfectly formed TV that will give you an excellent picture. And best of all, it’s probably more within your price range than the larger 30in screens could hope to be. This particular model has a 4:3 aspect ratio and built-in 2Watt RMS speakers.

It also packs in some impressive technologies that will help enhance your TV image, from comb filters to progressive scan. The progressive scan is one of the most interesting features on the TV; if you are interested in ‘future proofing’ your technology, this TV will allow you to take advantage of high definition signals when they finally make their way across this side of the Atlantic. Progressive scan also comes in handy when using a DVD player, giving you the best quality image DVD has to offer. The MD15LCD has composite, s-video and VGA inputs built into its sleek profile, so it will multi task as a PC monitor. It also has Nicam stereo sound, so you don’t lose out on the sound effects in your favourite film.

We liked this TV because despite its compact size, it doesn’t skimp on features. When we tested it with fast-moving footage, the refresh rates could keep up — a must for action films or sports. A mixture of style and substance, this TV is the perfect addition to any house. The MD15LCD is available from Peats for €599.99.


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