Sligo unveiled as first Siro-powered town in Connaught

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15 September 2015 | 0

Siro, the ESB-Vodafone joint venture which is delivering Ireland’s first 100% fibre-optic broadband network to 50 towns nationwide, has announced that Sligo will become the first town in Connaught to be connected to its fibre-to-the-home network, capable of delivering connection speeds upto 1Gb/s.

The rollout is underway in Sligo and services will be available from broadband retailers later this year.

“Sligo Chamber has been campaigning for some time for enhanced broadband at both a Town and County level,” said David Kiely, President of Sligo Chamber of Commerce. “The introduction of this infrastructure into Sligo is a very significant boost to both existing and future industry and enterprise which will benefit all of the Sligo community. As the Chamber continues to advocate for Sligo as a location for foreign direct and indigenous investment, the availability of this infrastructure will add greatly to Sligo’s overall value proposition.”

Sean Atkinson, CEO, Siro said: “We will revolutionise people’s experience of broadband with 100% fibre optic network, which delivers fibre broadband directly to the home, without the need for copper… This will have a transformational effect on Sligo as anyone starting a business will be able to compete not just at a national level, but at an international level. As a result it will help to more investment to Sligo. Similarly, it will lead to people being able to access the latest online services online in areas like education and remote working. This will play a key role for a brighter digital future for Sligo.”

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