Siri sibling Viv may be next step in AI evolution

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12 May 2016 | 0

With the creators of Siri offering up a new personal assistant that won’t just tell you what pizza is but can order one for you, artificial intelligence is showing a huge leap forward.Viv is an artificial intelligence (AI) platform built by Dag Kittlaus and Adam Cheyer, the creators of the AI behind Apple’s Siri, the most well-known digital assistant in the world.

Siri is known for answering questions, like how old Harrison Ford is, and reminding you to buy milk on the way home.

Viv, though, promises to go well past that.

Earlier this week during an onstage demo at Disrupt NYC, Kittlaus showed off Viv. This created an online buzz about the assistant’s ability to not just answer questions or fire up a timer on a smartphone, but to answer complex questions and to interact with third party services as well as online businesses.

Viv Labs, the company behind the digital assistant, is a San Jose-based business that has been operating largely under the radar for the past four years. Kittlaus, Viv’s CEO, has a goal of “radically simplifying the world” by creating an intelligent interface to… what else? Everything.

If Viv works as well as expected, it won’t just be a challenger for Siri. It will also take on, and some say overshadow, other digital assistants like Microsoft’s Cortana and Amazon’s Alexa.

However, this also shines a bright light on just how far artificial intelligence is progressing.

“Viv shows that AI has come a long way, and that it is going to advance much further into our everyday lives,” said Olds. “Even more interesting is that Viv will be able to learn more about you over time and become even more helpful.”

The new digital assistant, of course, will have to prove itself beyond an onstage demo.

And it won’t just have to work. It will have to be adopted in smartphones, home systems or any number of smart devices.

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