Singlepoint to create 75 jobs over next three years

Rob Curley, Singlepoint
Rob Curley, Singlepoint

Company expects to have created 50 additional jobs by end of the year



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9 September 2019 | 0

Singlepoint plans to invest more than €2 million in product management, development and creating 75 jobs over the next three years. The Irish digital consultancy company is on track to creating an additional 50 jobs by the end of 2019, as per a previous announcement. It recently moved into new offices in Dublin Landings, North Dock.

Demand for Singlepoint’s pre-built, easily adaptable DAPx platform has contributed to the company’s continued growth. It can save 300-1500 man days on mobilisation, design and development and enables companies to accelerate the pace of innovation.

 “We have been providing digital services for ten years this month,” explains Rob Curley, founder and managing director, Singlepoint.  “We are a customer-focused business and we provide flexible digital services to simplify how companies manage their data.”




“The pace of technology change is challenging. We believe that software has the power to unlock new possibilities for people and companies.  Our software and services form a digital foundation that powers the applications, services and experiences the will transform the world.”

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