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1 April 2005 | 0

Irish Linux consulting company Securelinx has been nominated to take part in IBM’s NT Migration campaign following its appointment as the vendor’s first ‘Leader for Linux’ business partner in Ireland.

In becoming a Leader for Linux, SecureLinx demonstrated their project implementation experience and technical expertise in deploying enterprise class Linux solutions. As a member of this elite programme, SecureLinx will have ready access to the very latest
Linux developments from around the world, enabling them to bring  the latest technology advances to their customers and prospects as they unfold.

‘Leader is a name IBM reserves for partners who are at the forefront when it comes to achieving Linux success and SecureLinx is the Linux leader in Ireland,’ said Michael Mauchline, Securelinx Linux sales manager for EMEA.
‘Through their extensive implementation experience and expertise, we believe SecureLinx is at the forefront of Linux knowledge in Ireland.’

The IBM NT Migration campaign came about as a result of Microsoft’s intended withdrawal of support for the Windows NT operating system, including security patches, by the end of 2004. The campaign is aimed at the two million customers worldwide who will need to determine an on-going support plan for their business in the light of the ending of support. SecureLinx offers a range of options for the NT user considering a move to Linux that it says can deliver extensive value for Irish companies, including lower start-up costs, skills management and a solid track record of operating system security and stability.

‘On a global scale many thousands of Windows NT servers have been migrated to Linux already in 2004, and we are also seeing this trend here in Ireland,’ said John Scully, IBM global services director. ‘Whether it involves ongoing NT support, or alternative options,
like Linux, SecureLinx and IBM will be able to help Irish companies determine the best way forward for their business needs.’

Brian Farrell, CTO of Securelinx, said the company was delighted to achieve the IBM status. ‘We believe our appointment as the Leader for Linux in Ireland recognised our extensive experience delivering real-world Linux implementations.’ Securelinx also works closely with other Linux players, including Novell/SuSE and Red Hat.


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