Schneider Electric integrates Resource Advisor with Azure tech

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15 April 2014 | 0

Schneider Electric has further leveraged its partnership with Microsoft to integrate StruxureWare Resource Advisor software and Windows Azure technologies to improve energy and performance management in cloud computing implementations, reducing deployment times and costs, while accelerating development and increasing reliability and security.

StruxureWare is Schneider Electric’s platform of integrated software applications and suites that help manage and monitor sustainability initiatives, optimise current operations and better manage sites and processes.

StruxureWare Resource Advisor is the enterprise-level cloud-based software application that provides secure access to data, reports and summaries to drive user energy and sustainability programmes.

“We are seeing a major shift in the industry away from one-size-fits-all solutions, and the cloud-enabled capabilities of the combined StruxureWare Resource Advisor and Windows Azure technology allow us to deliver right-sized tools based on customers’ specific energy management needs,” said Pascal Brosset, chief technology officer, Schneider Electric. “By leveraging key aspects of our respective technologies, we’re able to produce high performance, cloud-based solutions, creating true value and competitive advantages for customers across multiple industries.”

The software is configurable to meet specific user needs, a flexibility which has allowed Schneider Electric to customise it for deployment on the Windows Azure cloud platform.

The Azure version now offers accelerated deployment with instant access to online, web-accessible sustainability and energy management software, as well as a global reach and low cost of entry as software tools can be scaled quickly, replicated and rolled out globally with local language support. Costs are reduced as a result of eliminating the need to install or maintain additional on premise IT infrastructure.

There is also the ability to leverage installed investments with secure cloud connectivity to existing onsite facility energy metering, monitoring and building management systems. Mobility in increased too, with employees able to access information wherever they find themselves.

The flexible system architecture is based on open standards and protocols, promoting systems integration and interoperability.

This capability, says Schneider Electric, builds on the Microsoft Global Alliance partnership agreement which allows the companies to leverage each other’s technologies and support of technical, sales and marketing resources. The relationship also incorporates Schneider Electric’s participation in numerous Microsoft programs including: the CityNext Initiative, Global Technology Partner for the Microsoft Technology Centers, Microsoft Systems Center Alliance, and Microsoft Partner Solutions Center. Microsoft is also a member of Schneider Electric’s Ecostruxure Technology Partner program, which enhances the relationship focus on the technical integrations between the two companies


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