Samsung leaks Galaxy Flip smartphone phone in surprise Oscar ad

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Sneak peak almost steals limelight from Brad Pitt's supporting actor win



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10 February 2020 | 0

The first Unpacked event of 2020 hasn’t even begun, but Samsung is too excited to keep quiet. In a surprise TV ad rolling moments after Brad Pitt won his first Oscar for best supporting actor, Samsung took the wraps off its next folding phone: the Galaxy Z Flip.

The whimsical 15-second ad was set to French swing song Comic Strip by Serge Gainsbourg and features numerous shots of the new phone opening and closing. We didn’t learn much that we didn’t already know, though we did get to see the tint front display in action, so we know for sure you’ll be able to answer or dismiss incoming calls. We also got a clear look at the dual camera, as well as the phone’s purple or black.

Just last week, Mototola launched its own foldable flip phone in a revival of the iconic RAZR brand, and based on the images in the ad, the two phones have a very similar look. Motorola’s phone is already off to a bumpy start, however, after Cnet’s torture test barely lasted just 27,000 folds.




Samsung’s second folding phone will either be a follow-up or a companion to the $2,000 Galaxy Fold. With a smaller screen, this phone is rumoured to be significantly cheaper.

Hours later, another semi-official ad broke cover, in the form of a partnership with fashion designer Thom Browne. Leaked by Twitter user Walking Cat (@h0x0d), the cryptic ad for Thomas Browne Edition of the Galaxy Z Flip features a male model walking toward a waterfall that parts after he picks up the special-edition Flip, which has the company’s iconic red-white-and-blue stripe down the center of the case. The ad also shows a matching Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Buds, which look to come as a bundle in a special box.

The slogan ‘Change the shape of the future’ appeared just before the end along with a teaser for Unpacked on 11 February. Of note, all of the images shown treated the two screens separately, with the top showing an image and the bottom featuring controls.

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