Salesforce acquires financial comms specialist for Slack is to be incorporated into Slack to aid customer-facing sales teams
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10 May 2022

Salesforce has announced a definitive agreement to buy, a sales and revenue communications platform.

The acquisition is expected to close by the end of July 2021, with some closing conditions still to be agreed upon, though no fee has been disclosed as yet.

Once complete, the deal will see Troops integrated into Slack as a tool to deploy sales information. Troops is essentially a Slackbot for sales teams, that takes CRM data from the parent company and imports it into Slack for efficiency purposes. So for Salesforce, customers will be able to see their sales information directly in Slack, making a sort of sales hub.




It works with system records, which are deployed in a Slack channel so that customer-facing teams are supported with all the information they need to close new deals and assist existing customers.

The firm is a long-time partner of both Slack and Salesforce, which makes for a very logical acquisition. In a statement, Troops said it was “an incredible milestone” in its history and tanked its community, customers, partners and investors.

“When we started Troops, we wanted to reimagine how work gets done,” CEO Dan Reich said in a statement. “We wanted to make work easier, more intelligent, and more collaborative. In 2016 we launched our first product making that vision a reality by injecting mission-critical, actionable workflows into a new medium people were gravitating towards.”

The acquisition is one of the biggest changes for Slack since it was taken over by Salesforce, which itself is looking to streamline its many offerings. The company’s many services have come through multiple acquisitions, including Tableau and MuleSoft, which Salesforce has tried to harmonise into interoperable products. The company recently announced Salesforce Flow, which is a low-code workflow tool to help incorporate all its tools.

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