Ryanair partners with Vodafone for IT comms

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19 February 2015

Ryanair has agreed a partnership with Vodafone for IT communications, including telecoms, machine to machine and internal communications.

A statement said the agreement will provide Ryanair’s teams, including pilots and cabin crew, with up to the minute information, improving the overall customer experience within the airline.

Vodafone will support ticketing, check-in, ground crews, in-flight crews and pilots with telephony, fixed line and mobile 3G and 4G functionality across Ryanair’s 189 locations in Europe and North Africa.

Part of the initiative is the introduction of the electronic flight bag that will remove paper from the cockpit which is fundamental to Ryanair’s development strategy.  In addition, Vodafone will support the on-board electronic point of sale (EPOS) devices used for in-flight credit card sales. From April 2015 Ryanair crew will be issued with 8,000 new handheld devices with machine to machine connectivity which will create a secure managed connection to sync data with credit card companies when the plane lands.

“This partnership with Vodafone,” said John Hurley, chief technology officer, Ryanair, “will provide us with the technical support to allow us to make these improvements quickly and seamlessly, including the introduction of paperless cockpits and a swifter inflight sales system.”

“This business partnership is one of the most significant for Vodafone Ireland to date,” said Anne Sheehan, enterprise director, Vodafone Ireland, “demonstrating our total communications capabilities by providing complete end-to-end solutions tailored to Ryanair’s requirements across 189 locations in Europe. Ryanair is a company that is driving innovative technology solutions in the airline industry and Vodafone is delighted to partner with them to drive this evolution.”




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