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Revolutionising cloud services through AI ops integration

TechCentral.ie speaks to industry experts at DNA IT Solutions and IBM
Adrian Kelly, DNA IT Solutions

30 November 2023

In association with IBM and DNA IT Solutions

In the dynamic landscape of cloud services, IBM’s Cloud Platform has evolved from traditional offerings to a sophisticated ecosystem that integrates advanced automation and AI ops capabilities. Industry experts, including Adrian Kelly, sales and marketing director at DNA IT Solutions, Noel Crawford, cloud sales & build partner leader and Anton Whalley, senior technology partner specialist at IBM, shed light on this transformation and its practical implications.

Noel Crawford provided some background, “IBM started its cloud journey a decade and a half ago with Bluemix, which allowed some of our software to be accessed as SaaS by our clients.” This software-based cloud offering laid the foundation for IBM’s venture into the cloud space. Following strategic acquisitions such as Softlayer and Red Hat, enhanced the platform providing a global network of data centres and a container-based environment.

The integration of these offerings through the years has empowered managed service providers (MSPs) like DNA IT Solutions to deliver comprehensive cloud services across different levels of the cloud platform. Crawford highlighted the pivotal role of these acquisitions in expanding IBM’s capabilities and establishing it as a key player in the cloud services domain.

Anton Whalley emphasised IBM’s unique positioning as they are a hybrid cloud and AI company. This distinction sets IBM apart as the only global organisation advocating for workload deployment across various environments, including public clouds, on-premises, edge computing, and hyper-scale infrastructure.

To address industry challenges such as talent scarcity and process silos, Whalley discussed IBM’s investment in an AI ops and observability platform, “different parts of organisations run things differently and that’s generally due to legacy systems and acquisitions. The IT market needs to find talent and also utilise the existing talent as much as possible. With our process silos, managing systems and the need to get ROI, we’ve built out an AI ops and observability platform and IBM cloud that encompasses technology that will deliver to meet those challenges.” IBM platform serves as a solution to streamline processes, ensuring maximum return on IT investment. 

Adrian Kelly from DNA IT Solutions commended IBM’s consistency, “DNA has aligned with IBM because there’s no question that they have the most complete, ready for market tried and trusted platform.” Kelly highlighted the pivotal role of automation platforms in DNA’s growth as an MSP.

This elimination of manual tasks has become crucial as DNA IT Solutions caters to international clients with growing multi-cloud estates. Kelly emphasised the shift from merely managing IT to utilising AI tools for smarter decision-making and collaboration with application and business leaders was essential.

Crawford added a crucial point, “by using these tools, we can point at  reductions in severity of one incident by up to 90%. That drives an 87% improvement in overall disruption time, compared to 2020-2021. This is the type of improvements in service delivery that can be driven.”

As businesses increasingly focus on important insights, faster decision-making, and real-time intelligence, IBM’s extensive platform emerges as a key enabler for transformative growth.

Kelly delivered a practical view on how AI ops on IBM cloud, paired with automation software, enhances customer decision-making and delivers real-time intelligence. He emphasises that clients seek more than just the routine mechanics of IT maintenance, “our job is just to put the right tools in place, around these applications so that clients can turn on these capabilities.” Kelly stressed that their aim is to provide a toolbox and platform, allowing clients to activate capabilities without having to become AI experts themselves. 

The journey from Bluemix to strategic acquisitions, combined with a commitment to hybrid cloud and AI, positions IBM at the forefront of innovation. The real-world applications highlighted by DNA IT Solutions underscore the practical benefits of how automation and AI ops offers clients not just efficiency but a pathway to meaningful business growth. As the industry continues to evolve, the collaboration between MSPs and comprehensive cloud platforms will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of business operations.

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