Revenue, Bank of Ireland, DHL phishing scams on the rise

Revenue Scam
Cybercrimnials are tricking users into filling out fake forms to harvest debit and credit card numbers. Source: Eset



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22 April 2015 | 0

Security vendor Eset has warned Internet users about three phishing scams trying to gather personal information such as bank account numbers.

Cybercriminals are pretending to be from Revenue, Bank of Ireland or DHL, promising rebates or rewards worth hundreds of euro.

Contact is first made by e-mail, where the user is asked to click on a link taking them to a fake form looking for personal details.

The Bank of Ireland and Revenue scam asks users to fill in a form requiring e-mail addresses, passwords and debit/credit numbers for a reward of €226 and €351.23 respectively.

A third scam using DHL’s brand begins with an e-mail claiming a package delivery failed and that the user should log in to their account by clicking an enclosed link to verify their address, thus handing over their user name and password and leaving their account open to abuse.

Eset recommended users not to click on links, open attachments or reply to scammers as this only confirms an e-mail address is being used.

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