Pocket Guide to: iPhone 5 rumours


23 May 2011

1) It’s not going to be called an iPhone 5
We’re fairly sure the new model will be more of a progression instead a wholesale revamp. This in mind we’ve got iPhone 4S pegged as the name for the new handset, making it roughly equivalent to the relationship between iPhone 3G and 3GS.

2) The retina display isn’t going anywhere
And rightly so. Apple’s retina display shows off more colours than the eye knows what to do with (326 pixels per inch versus the 300 we can detect).
We do, however, know that there will be a difference in screen size. In February PC World reported that two versions were in developments, one a ‘nano’ model (think of the Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini) and another set to compete in the 4-7″ category. If we are to see a larger screen size expect it to be no more than 4″ – just big enough to sit in the hand without looking ridiculous. You can be sure Apple won’t be interested in entering the 7″ tablet space when it already controls the market with the iPad with it’s all of 9″ screen.

3) Its got curves
According to a report in DigiTimes a curved glass display may not be out of the question. Apparently Apple has purchsed between 200 to 300 glass cutting machines. A more curvy iPhone would make it look a little like the Google Nexus S, which could be considered a step backwards for design nuts.

4) Near field communication
Sounds like an alternative to Wi-Fi or 3G but it’s much more useful that that. Near field communication (NFC) is a short-range wireless technology currently being trialled for simple functions like unlocking doors, pairing handsets and sharing information. The most interesting implementation we’ve heard of for the moment it the use of NFC to include credit card information for cashless, cardless transactions. Just swipe your phone and that’s it.




5) A decent camera
This has been a complaint for years, why doesn’t the iPhone have a camera that can compete with the likes of Nokia? It’s a fair point, the iPhone has been trailing in this department since its launch. Word has it the iPhone 4S will have an 8MP camera. This still puts it behind the N8 with its 12MP but ahead of the Samsung Galaxy S.

The iPhone 4S is expected to arrive on the shelves in September.

Niall Kitson

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