PlayStation 4 beats Xbox One to 3D Blu-ray movie playback

PlayStation 4
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29 July 2014 | 0

Sony began rolling out a new update for PlayStation 4 users on Tuesday that finally brings 3D Blu-ray movie playback to the next-generation gaming console. Sony reminded users via Twitter late Monday that PS4 system software update 1.75 was coming soon, and not eight hours later the update began rolling out in Europe.

The update makes Sony the first of the two next-gen consoles to roll out 3D Blu-ray movie playback. In November, Microsoft said it hadn’t ruled out including 3D movie playback, but wouldn’t commit to adding the feature.

Then earlier in July, Microsoft said it would add the feature in its upcoming system update slated to start rolling out in August. The Xbox One update will also include tweaks to the console’s activity feed, support for purchasing games on mobile devices, and a ‘Last seen’ indicator on your friends list.

The main feature of the PlayStation 4’s update 1.75 is the addition of Blu-ray support, but there are a few minor upgrades as well. Sony said sound quality was improved for Blu-ray and DVD playback, and the company also added automatic downloads of featured content from the PlayStation Store, according to a screenshot posted to the NeoGAF forums.

Update 1.75 is the second system update for the PlayStation 4 in July after version 1.74 went live a week ago. Some PlayStation watchers are saying that Sony rushed update 1.75 to avoid being beaten to 3D Blu-ray support by Microsoft. Sony is, after all, the leading supporter of the Blu-ray format.

Then again update 1.74 was focused on improving system stability and not adding new features. Breaking up stability and feature updates into two different downloads was probably the safer bet to avoid any major screw ups.


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