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1 April 2005 | 0

Fujitsu Siemens Computers’ DeskView 5.10 allows enterprises to manage several hundred notebooks, PCs and workstations in a network. It is a set of manageability tools designed to support remote client management, meet the needs of IT administrators and reduce the total cost of ownership of networking environments.

Utilities offered by DeskView 5.10 include service management of IDE hard disk drives, batteries, fans, lease expiration, constant temperature monitoring and information on free memory banks and suitable modules. 

BIOS settings can be selected and managed over the network and remote restart of the client via Alert-on-LAN is also available. The software is based on WMI 1.5, DMI 2.0, SNMP and TCP/IP.




DeskView enables custom configuration as appropriate for installed hardware. The installation is supported by a user-friendly graphical interface for the selection of the desired modules. DeskView also supports unattended installation mode by creating a control file that can be easily distributed to clients in the network.

• Fujitsu Siemens: +353 (0)1 620 4100

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