Nokia to retire Ovi brand


16 May 2011

Nokia has announced it is retiring its Ovi brand. The company has stressed, however, that the app store service will continue as normal under the simpler Nokia banner. Billed as an ‘evolution’ of the brand, users have been assured, however, there will be no actual change to the current range of Ovi services.

Explaining the move, a post on the official Ovi blog said it would “better support future plans to deliver disruptive and compelling mobile experience globally.” Answers on a postcard as to what that means.

Other than having to deal with the horror of a name change to the service, users have been assured that there will be no appreciable change to the existing service, all that will change is the name.




The ditching of Ovi is only the latest in the massive cleanout under the tenure of Stephen Elop as CEO. So far Elop has announced Nokia would be adopting Windows Phone 7 for all its smartphones from next year; the mobile OS MeeGo would continue without Nokia involvement, effectively absented the company from the tablet space; while offloading Symbian to Accenture has effectively turned its current range of smartphones into also-rans.

Ovi will be phased out from July this year, to disappear completely by the end of 2012.

Niall Kitson

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