Nokia adds Wi-Fi 6 Beacon to its home Wi-Fi portfolio

New Wi-Fi 6 mesh router to deliver gigabit experience in a 5G world
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24 March 2020

Nokia is adding a new Wi-Fi 6 Beacon to its whole-home WiFi portfolio, which includes the Beacon 1, the Beacon 3 and its family of mesh fibre gateways.

Delivering 40% faster speeds than previous generations, the company said the new Beacon 6 will provide a high-capacity, high-performance in-home solution and help operators to deliver a powerful user experience.

Nokia will add low-latency technology built on Nokia Bell Labs innovations to its Wi-Fi portfolio. To improve residential Wi-Fi networks, Nokia said the Beacon 6 solution can support low-latency applications and gigabit speeds essential for creating an end-to-end 5G experience.




With Beacon 6, operators can leverage the speed and performance of Wi-Fi 6 to off-load 5G mobile traffic to the Wi-Fi network. This is critical for operators looking to free up expensive 5G spectrum for higher ARPU use cases like Industry 4.0 and IoT.

The Beacon 6 includes: 

  • Support for Wi-Fi 6, which improves the overall speed, performance and latency of a Wi-Fi network with OFDMA, a modulation scheme used in 5G that allows the access point to talk to more devices at once. 
  • The Beacon 6 introduces Wi-Fi Certified EasyMesh and is fully interoperable with third party Wi-Fi Certified EasyMesh. Nokia’s new mesh controller capabilities manage channel selection and add advanced interference capabilities.
  • Nokia Bell Labs low-latency innovations include its latency improving PI2 algorithm. With PI2, latency can be reduced from hundreds of milliseconds to 20 milliseconds. 

Ben Wood, chief of research at CCS Insight said: “The benefits of 5G are going to change user experiences and customers’ expectations. The blend of the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology, low latency performance and in-home Wi-Fi mesh solutions linked to 5G will allow operators to deliver a seamless communications platform for next generation applications and solutions.

“Nokia’s new Beacon 6 will play a fundamental role in helping operators significantly enhance residential Wi-Fi and for the first time, deliver a true 5G experience across the network,” said Sandra Motley, president of fixed networks at Nokia.  

“By leveraging the power of Wi-Fi 6, Nokia’s new Beacon 6 can help establish a significantly faster and more powerful Wi-Fi network in the home that will forever change the game for operators and end users alike. Whether it’s a home, work or public environment, the ability to seamlessly offload from mobile 5G to Wi-Fi 6 will enable operators to accelerate 5G rollouts, reduce costs and ultimately ensure a consistent, premium 5G end-users experience is achieved.”

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