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Nintendo quashes mobile mini-game rumours

Image: Nintendo

29 January 2014

Nintendo has denied reports that it has been developing games for mobile platforms.

Earlier this week, Japanese newspaper Nikkei reported that Nintendo would soon bring content to smartphones–mini-games that served as demos for full-fledged Wii titles, at the very least. Perhaps, if we were really lucky, something in the vein of WarioWare, in which Nintendo’s best and brightest took full advantage of mobile hardware to create something amazing that stood apart from the endless stream of runners and match threes flooding the mobile market.

“We can confirm that there are no plans to offer mini-games on smartphone devices,” Nintendo said in a statement to Engadget on Tuesday.

Nintendo still might land on smartphones and tablets to try and compensate for the public’s massive indifference towards the Wii U, even if games are off the table. Nikkei-listed other potential mobile options for Nintendo, including apps with such thrilling content as “finding out what games Nintendo will sell you on your other Nintendo hardware” and “telling background stories about characters through video content”.


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