Nine things a company should know about mobile security

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Mobile devices are now the 'big score' for hackers, says CWSI



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31 July 2019 | 0

A generational shift in employee remote working expectations is creating new challenges for infused professionals according to a study from managed service provider CWSI.

The report, entitled Nine things a company should know about mobile security, found that 22% of millennials would be less likely to accept a job for a company that did not consider mobile technology a priority.

Mobile-centric thinking can cause security headaches for IT departments as as mobile devices leave the safezone of a physical firewall, and employees access files, share data and connect to networks while out and about.




On a more general level, while companies are often content to enable mobile connectivity and issue devices to employees, they are often slow to react should a breach occur.

Mobile also seems to be changing the different levels of suspicion people treat their e-mail with. Users are more likely to fall prey to a phishing attempt on a mobile device than a desktop.

CWSI also found that rogue apps are significant threats as they can operate in the background leaking data on a constant basis.

To download the full report visit the CWSI website.

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