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15 September 2010 | 0

More to offer: Nexus451CEO Niall Curran

Dublin based Nexus451, a firm specialising in, developing business applications, cloud services and enterprise-class websites, has signed a partnership agreement with Magic Software Enterprises. The partnership will see Nexus451 offer the iBolt integration suite to its customers, enabling code-free application and data integration.

Using iBolt, Nexus451 will provide integration of on-premise enterprise applications such as, JD Edwards, and SAP, so providing its customers a fuller picture of their business operations.

Nexus451 chose to partner with Magic Software Enterprises, a global provider of cloud and on-premise enabled application platform and business integration solutions, since iBolt quickly and cost-effectively integrates multiple applications running on diverse databases, operating systems, and platforms.




iBolt claims to feature the largest range of certified optimised connectors and adaptors on the market, enabling Nexus451 to connect a wide selection of the world’s leading ERP, CRM, accounting, supply chain, enterprise applications, web and wireless systems.

The deal reinforces Nexus451’s ability to integrate customers’ databases and systems.

Nexus451CEO Niall Curran notes: “We are now able to offer more to companies that want to integrate multiple applications using one integration tool. Whether your data is held in one database, multiple databases, or on a number of platforms across various application environments, Nexus451 can build the connections. We present the relevant information to users in a way that is accessible and readily understandable.”

With more than 50 adaptors, together with intuitive wizards and drag-and-drop functionality, iBolt uses Magic Software’s metadata-based framework to enable fast, business-focused integration.

iBolt’s integration features help users get more value from their IT investments by automating manual and repetitive workflows. With an integrated view of company data in real-time, management and employees can make more informed business decisions, get more value from each business interaction and achieve faster time to market for their products and services.

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