Nextbase partners with the Irish Road Victims Association

The Nextbase 422GW QUAD HD dash cam (Image: Nextbase)

Increase in dash cam usage has resulted in better driving behaviours



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7 October 2019 | 0

Dash cam manufacturer Nextbase and the Irish Road Victims Association (IRVA) have joined forces to promote road safety and change negative driving behaviours. The duo announced the partnership today, to kick off Irish Road Safety week.

IRVA supports those bereaved or injured by road traffic collisions and campaigns for justice, rights and recognition for victims. Nextbase has donated 10% of its Irish dash cam profits to IRVA.

Research conducted by Nextbase revealed that UK drivers increased their telematics driving score by 68% after installing a dash cam. In the UK, dash cam usage has has increased 671% in the last three years alone. Its research also found that 25% of drivers believe that fitting a dash cam will improve their driving.

IRVA believes that with increased dash cam usage, we can replicate this progress in Ireland.

Emergency SOS

Nextbase recently introduced its Series 2 Model range of dash cams with Emergency SOS; it alerts the emergency services to a vehicle’s location if a serious collision is detected and the driver is unresponsive.

To ensure there are no false call outs, the system follows a series of fail safe protocols before ringing the owner’s phone. If the driver remains unresponsive, the emergency services will be alerted and the vehicle’s GPS position is uploaded. Users can upload information to the system such as blood type, and next of kin.

So far this year 112 people have lost their lives on Irish roads, an increase of seven over the same period last year,” said Donna Price, chairperson of IRVA.

“There are far too many people needlessly dying on our roads and we believe that by encouraging drivers to install a dash cam in their vehicle, we can make a positive impact on driver behaviour and make our roads safer for all users.”

IRVA note that the clarity dash cams offer in the event of a road traffic collision is also welcomed. Uncertainty around what caused an incident can cause more distress for the families and survivors of collisions.

“Allowing the Gardaí to review the footage and come to a definitive conclusion can offer those affected some peace of mind,” said Price.

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