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1 April 2005 | 0

Sophos anti-virus software and N2H2 Web filtering software are to be included as standard on Equiinet’s NetPilot secure server appliances. Customers will then be able to renew their subscription after the first year.

The security extras are on top of the accredited firewall, high level management control features and fast and flexible VPN capability that come as standard with NetPilot units, and are further backed up with free software upgrades and free technical support. These latest additions bring the total bundle value to EUR2,800 at no extra cost to the consumer. The NetPilot package has been designed to offer customers a comprehensive, all-encompassing multifunctional appliance at a very competitive price.

Sophos virus scanning is bundled with the NetPilot Plus and the Enterprise models. N2H2 software is included in the standard NetPilot 3, NetPilot Plus and the NetPilot Enterprise for up to 500 users. Customers will be able to activate their first year’s complementary subscription to both services when they register their product.




Equiinet calls its N2H2 and Sophos offerings Boundary Filtering and Boundary Scanning respectively. Boundary Scanning scans for viruses at the gateway rather than having to load anti-virus software onto individual PCs. It works by scanning e-mails against pre-loaded virus signatures from Sophos. If they contain any viruses, the e-mail will be deleted and warning e-mails describing the problem can be sent to the sender, the addressees and the NetPilot administrator.

Boundary Filtering offers comprehensive Website filtering and blocking capability with the highest levels of administrator control. Said to be far more comprehensive than existing filtering options, Boundary Filtering enables organisations to limit legal liability, increase productivity and conserve precious bandwidth by filtering and blocking inappropriate sites.

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