Navigation App for intellectual disabilities wins Irish James Dyson award

Dyson Winners 2017
Talita Holzer Saad, Pat O’Shea, Patrick O'Shea and Robbie Fryers



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7 September 2017 | 0

A mobile app that helps people with intellectual disabilities navigate independently has won the Irish leg of the 2017 James Dyson Award.

Developed by Trinity graduates Talita Holzer Saad and Robbie Fryers, waytoB is a smartphone and smartwatch app, which allows carers to pre-programme set routes for users can follow easily and independently. This is made possible due to the simple interface and turn-by-turn directions.

The app also integrates walking instructions with public transport and allows the carer to track the user’s location, heart rate and battery usage in real time.

The team will now proceed to the international stage of the competition and will compete against students from 23 different countries to win the overall James Dyson award and the grand prize of €35,000.

Four other Irish student inventions shortlisted to proceed to the international stage of the James Dyson award: a one-time plug-in alternative to daily needle insertions for dialysis patients; Verge, a resistance glove which strengthens hand muscles to keep pains at bay; Cord, a wearable blood pressure monitor; and Enso, which uses rotary hydroponics to grow food indoors.

Dyson engineers will announce the top 20 international finalists on 28 September and the overall global winner will be selected by James Dyson and announced on 26 October.

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