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1 April 2005 | 0

Pinnacle Systems has unveiled Pinnacle Studio 9, the latest version of its home movie-making hardware and software. Targeted at DV camera owners who want to create and share home movies quickly and easily. New features for Studio 9 include automatic editing capabilities and powerful one-touch controls for improving old or damaged video.

The new version also includes new tools for producing home cinema-quality movies, and support for third-party developers to incorporate their audio and video plug-ins.

The package also includes an automatic movie creator, SmartMovie. Users select raw video footage, add a favourite song for a soundtrack and choose an editing style for their finished movie. With one click, Studio promises to create a professional-looking movie complete with titles, transitions and special effects – all synchronised to the beat and duration of the music.

Studio 9 gives users a powerful suite of new audio and video enhancement features that are designed to restore and enhance video and audio in a number of ways. These include: Automatic colour-correction that rescues poorly lit footage or brightens old movies before burning to DVD; and image stabilisation, which corrects shaky footage to produce a rock-steady final movie. Video cleaning tools are also included, offering the ability to remove snow and video noise often seen on older analogue tapes. Additional noise reduction tools enable users to remove background noises, such as wind, from the finished movie.

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