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Minister of State O’Donovan launches the Public Service Data Strategy 2019-2023

Four-year plan a 'key step' in modernising public sector
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20 December 2018

Minister of State with special responsibility for Public Procurement, Open Government and eGovernment Patrick O’Donovan has formally launched the Public Service Data Strategy 2019-2023.

The Strategy, developed in consultation with all Departments, including the CSO, sets out a detailed vision with a set of goals and actions to deliver a more joined-up whole-of-government approach to how data is used and managed within the Public Service. It aims to put in place a series of measures to improve how data is governed, managed and re-used in a secure, efficient and transparent manner for the benefit of citizezens, businesses and policy makers.

It also builds upon existing data initiatives such as the National Data Infrastructure (NDI), which concerns the identification of people, businesses and location; and the Data Sharing and Governance Bill (DSGB), which sets out a legal framework for the sharing and governance of data across Government.

Minister O’Donovan said: “It will also help put an end to citizens and businesses having to provide the same information over and over again. Public Services Bodies will be encouraged to re-use data where possible, rather than recollect data.

“Transparency is key to fostering trust between government and citizens – this strategy includes a range of measures to increase transparency and will empower citizens by giving them more control and access to their data and its processing. A range of privacy, security and data protection measures to protect citizen and business data are central to the implementation of the strategy.

“The launch of the Public Service Data Strategy is a key step to improving our approach to data management across government. It aims to bring about real improvements in how we use data to deliver public services.”

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