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1 April 2005 | 0

The Muro MR-100 MP3 player may not be big on capacity, but it certainly packs a lot of functions into its compact frame. In a digital world where capacity is everything as long as it comes in the right package, the 128Mbyte player may not figure highly on some people’s scales, but we found the miniature MP3 player fitted our needs.

The secret of the Muro is its versatility. It can play the standard MP3 and WMA files, but it also has an FM radio and can be used as a voice recorder. In addition to this, you can store up to 20 preset stations and record MP3 files from the radio transmission.

It includes an FM transmitter, which can be used to broadcast your music over a radio frequency. This is supposed to eliminate cables when you are travelling by car, but we preferred to use the wires as there was a little bit of interference with our broadcast.

The Muro manages to fit all this into a small silver package that’s not a whole lot bigger than a cigarette lighter. If you are using the device solely as a voice recorder, you can get up to nine hours of voice recording stored on the drive.

Transferring music files is a snap with the Muro — you simply copy and paste them on to the drive. To organise them into playlists, you can bookmark the files and the device will play the programmed music.

When using the device as a voice recorder, you can take advantage of a feature called VAD, which records when it detects a sound source about a set volume and pauses when there is no sound, saving you space. You can also record directly from another source
using the ‘line in’ recording feature.

Track names are displayed on a four-line LCD display, which you can customise by switching the backlight between a plain white backlight and an orange one. For such as small player, the Muro MR-100 packs a lot in. The MP3 player is available from Back From the Future and costs €169.


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