Microsoft begins bringing in developers to build its dual-screen future

Mircosoft Surface Neo
Mircosoft Surface Neo

Only a few months left to port and test apps as December Surface Neo and Surface Duo releases loom large



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23 January 2020 | 0

Over the next few weeks Microsoft will begin asking developers to start building apps for the dual-screen future, including the Surface Duo Android phone and the Surface Neo PC that will run Windows 10X, the company’s next-generation operating system.

Microsoft said it will begin providing access to a pre-release version of the Windows SDK through its normal Windows Insider builds. Specifically, on 11 February, Microsoft will drop the Microsoft Emulator, a HyperV development platform that will allow app developers to begin porting their UWP and Win32 apps to Windows 10X.

If you’re a developer, the new Emulator and related Windows APIs will allow you to begin accommodating the hinge that will separate the two displays, as well as start thinking about the two screens: as two pages of a book, say, or as a primary page with additional notes on the second screen. Microsoft is also asking developers to start thinking about dual-screen layouts for Microsoft Edge, with CSS primitives and a JavaScript API.




With devices like the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold already available or nearing release, the market is preparing for at least some dual-screen devices to enter the computing landscape. Microsoft’s probably in a hurry, too, as its Android-based Surface Duo, and Windows 10X-based Surface Neo are both due by Christmas 2020.

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