Making sense of the enterprise transformation agenda

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What advice can IT professionals give organisations going through a digital transformation process?



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15 April 2019 | 0

How should enterprises manage digital transformation? The question attracts as many answers as service offerings.

Paul Line, commercial director of mobile IT integrator CWSI, says growing complexity and range of products and services can prove intimidating to clients. He notes that organisations are looking for ‘one-stop-shops’ capable of integrating products and services.

The issue of flexibility is echoed by Lorcan Cunningham, CTO of disaster recovery specialist Savenet Solutions. He says digital transformation has changed the company’s model as customers look for flexibility in how their data is managed – be it on-premise or in the cloud. This perspective stretches to choosing which cloud service – or services – the customer uses, and the safe transition between clouds.




Joe Keating, chief data officer of data integration and analytics platform developer Glantus, sees similar trends in terms of how offerings are delivered, consumed and, ultimately, paid for. He says customers are looking towards self-service models as their expectations are constantly shifting.

How will this change be felt on the ground? Neil Mullaney, principal IT consultant with DNA IT Solutions, believes says there two immediate examples for sales teams: the overall speed of deployment and a mobile-centric view enabling how staff to take and process orders on the move, via the cloud.

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