Majority believe cashless society will leave some groups behind

Dublin Mint Office
Are you in favour of moving away from notes and coins, and towards a cashless society, Dublin Mint Office. Heneghan PR

More than two-thirds of Irish people against move to digital alternatives



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7 June 2019 | 0

A Dublin Mint Office study has revealed that 88% of people believe a cashless society will exclude some societal groups.

The study involved 562 participants and was conducted by the Dublin Mint Office, a private company that sells commemorative coins.

Its respondents believe the measure could exclude vulnerable groups like the elderly, homeless people and small businesses.




Additionally, it found that 68% of participants are against the prospect of a cashless society.

Leinster is the providence most in favour of a cashless society, with 38% welcoming the measure. Munster is the most opposed, with just 23% supporting it.

Of those surveyed, 57% favour using cash, as it offers more privacy and is more widely accepted than other forms of payment.

For the 43% who prefer using card or digital payment methods, the most commonly cited reason was convenience.

While 55% believe cashless payment is less secure than physical currency, 66% find it more convenient than using cash.

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