Magnet trials gigabit broadband

Mark Kellett and Philip Clapperton, Magnet
Pictured: Mark Kellett and Philip Clapperton, Magnet



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2 July 2014 | 0

Tenants moving into a South Dublin apartment development next week will experience broadband connections up to 1Gb/s as part of Manget’s Project Leap.

Project Leap promises 1Gb/s upload and download speeds over a fibre network. Customers will be regularly assessed to determine the impact on their device and application usage.

According to Magnet the average account downloads about 22.7Gb of data per month of which 68% is Web browsing, 10% Netflix, 7% Google including YouTube, 5% Torrents, 0.6% and 9.4% other types of traffic.

A speed of 1Gb/s equates to about 200 Netflix movies to be streamed simultaneously, 100 songs to be downloaded in three seconds and 200 family photos uploaded to Facebook in a second. It is also predicted that the data demands of ‘smart living’ could require this speed of broadband within five years, as 4K video content, video chatting, cloud storage access and streaming media become more popular.

Magnet chief executive Mark Kellett said: “This capability puts us in a unique position being more agile and able to go anywhere in a market where other providers are limited to 100Mb/s, and allows us to provide a competitive advantage to companies locating here, to the direct benefit of Ireland Inc.”

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