John Delves, Marget+ with Olympic medallist Eimear Lambe

Magnet Networks, Airspeed Telecom become Magnet+

New entity begins by scrapping business broadband contracts
John Delves, Magnet+ with Olympic medallist Eimear Lambe

30 September 2021

Magnet Networks and sister company AirSpeed Telecom have announced they are to operate under a single brand, Magnet+.

Magnet Networks was acquired in December 2020 by Speed Fibre Group, owner of AirSpeed Telecom, and following a strategic review of the business by a new leadership team, a decision was made to combine the wealth of expertise, talent and skill sets across the two retail businesses to create a unified brand in Magnet+.

Thanks to the pandemic, the absolute criticality of connectivity to businesses has become even more evident. With up to 100Gb/s of uninterrupted connectivity available, Magnet+ can deliver into every corner of every county in Ireland. With this in mind, the company has devised a series of commercial ‘moves’ to help their clients become even more productive, efficient and responsive.




Magnet+ has also introduced ‘contract freedom’ on business broadband for all new customers. This is the first offer of its kind in Ireland as most operators require a 12-month contract. In the event that a customer wants to leave, they must give 30 days’ notice.

John Delves, managing director of Magnet+, said: “Our sector is extremely conservative and isn’t very open to change. As a result, the industry has become extremely vanilla – will all the main operators behaving in exactly the same way. We’ve decided that customers deserve better and our plan is to instigate this badly needed change and totally revolutionise the way our industry does business.

“Firstly, customer service from telecommunications companies is simply dismal. The existing players are obsessed with customer acquisition, but not with customer service and customers have come to expect nothing but underwhelming. We are going to change this.

“Secondly, we all continually hear stories of grindingly slow connection speeds. This is unacceptable given the breadth of technology available today, and thanks to our extensive independent network and expertise, we will make this a thing of the past for our customers.”

Speed Fibre Group is owned by the Irish Infrastructure Fund (IIF) which manages capital for more than 20 institutional investors. To date, the IIF controls more than €500 million of investments across energy, telecoms, tourism and healthcare.

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