Mac Pro ship date slips to February 2014

Apple's redesigned Mac Pro is being assembled at a Texas factory, the first Mac in decades made in the US. Image: IDG



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20 December 2013 | 0

Apple has started taking orders for its pricey Mac Pro workstation, but shipping dates almost immediately slipped to February, irritating customers who have been awaiting the ‘dark tower’ desktop computer.

Apple said it would kick off orders of the Mac Pro on Thursday after teasing customers since June with images and descriptions of the radically redesigned machine.

When Apple’s online store re-opened, shipping dates were posted as 30 December. Within hours, however, this slipped to February, even for the two stock configurations, which start at €3,099 for a quad-core system with 12Gb of memory, dual AMD FirePro graphics processors and 256Gb of PCIe-based Flash storage.

The shipping delays hint at low production volume, higher-than-expected sales, or both. The bet would be on the first, since the Mac Pro is being assembled in a new factory in Austin, Texas. Apple has touted the Mac Pro’s ‘built in the USA’ attribute, most recently in a tweet by CEO Tim Cook Wednesday.

The Mac Pro is easily Apple’s priciest personal computer. If a customer pulled out all the stops and configured the 10″. black cylinder with the top-end Xeon processor – a 12-core 2.7GHz CPU with 30Mb of L3 cache – 64Gb of system memory, a 1Tb SSD (solid-state drive) and the most expensive dual graphics processors, the price tag would hit €9,700.

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