Lord Mayor of Dublin forges partnership with Mayors of Belfast, Liverpool, Manchester to create greener cities

Mayors will work to accelerate the delivery of net-zero commitments in each region 
Image: Alena Koval/Pexels

1 April 2022

Lord Mayor of Dublin Alison Gilliland has formed a cooperative partnership with the Mayors of Belfast, Liverpool and Manchester in a bid to create more sustainable cities.

The cooperative partnership will see the four mayors develop practical approaches to accelerate the delivery of net-zero commitments in each of the cities and regions. 

The four partner cities have each committed to share best practices, knowledge, and experience; connecting organisations and facilitating R&D, business, and investment collaborations; and coordinating joint participation at events (including the Net Zero Summit in June 2022, the Green Summit in October 2022, and Dublin’s Climate Action Week 2022) and host, where appropriate, incoming delegations.




“Climate change is the greatest environmental challenge facing our nations and our planet,” said Gilliland. “That is why we have developed ambitious climate agendas to become more equitable, fairer, prosperous, and greener cities. Each of us are committed to the protection of our people and our economies and we are firmly of the view that working together will give us the best chance of realising the benefits of transitioning to a low carbon economy.”

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