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1 April 2005 | 0

Linksys’ USBVPN1 is a portable USB to Ethernet VPN and firewall adapter designed to create a secure path for sending private data to and from corporate networks over a broadband connection. Intended as a tool for remote users requiring full-time security, USBVPN1 uses the IPSec protocol.

An available USB port and a broadband connection are all that are required to secure access. The USBVPN1 adapter provides a SPI (Stateful Packet Inspection) Firewall to protect the user against malicious attacks from hackers. The adapter supports Dynamic IP, Static IP, PPPoE and PPTP connection methods, and can be used on any Ethernet Internet connection – Cable, DSL, LAN, or on a ‘Fast Internet’ line in a hotel.

The adapter connects to almost any PC through a USB port and requires no external power supply. Once connected, it is simple to establish a VPN tunnel from the PC to a network over the Internet using IPSec (IP Security), which is the most widely used standard in VPN implementations. The transmitted data will then be protected by DES (Data Encryption Standard) or super-strength Triple-DES encryption.

USBVPN1 can support applications such as secure remote connections to the corporate network for telecommuters, secure connection to corporate intranets for the roaming/mobile user and secure corporate extranets for communications with business partners.

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