Laura Lynn goes paperless with Slainte Healthcare

Laura Lynn Slainte
Pictured: Sharon Morrow and Kerry McLaverty with Maeve Noonan, Slainte Healthcare and Niall Sinnott, HSE



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10 June 2015 | 0

Children’s hospice LauraLynn has moved over to a paperless office through the adoption of an electronic medical record system, Vitro.

The system, which was rolled out by Slainte Healthcare over four months, will reduce the administration workload on staff, freeing up their time to work directly with the numbers of families who are being cared for at the hospice.

Acting director of clinical services with Laura Lynn Kerry McLaverty said: “Our nursing and clinical staff are fully on-board with the new system. From our initial usage of Vitro, we anticipate significant quality improvement outcomes including better governance, document standardisation and most importantly, reduction in time spent filling in medical charts. The time savings achieved will allow staff do what is so important for our children – to make the most of short and precious lives by taking invaluable time with children and their families.”

Vitro replaces what is too often an inefficient paper based process with an entirely electronic one. This allows for faster administration, less duplication and the creation of opportunities for financial and administrative efficiencies. The project which took just four months to implement has been rolled out across all of LauraLynn’s clinical functions.

Slainte Healthcare CEO Andrew Murphy said: “Technology and health are intrinsically linked but it can be difficult for an organisation to relinquish the ‘old ways’ we are very proud that an organisation such as LauraLynn recognises the many benefits of using Vitro and has wholeheartedly adopted the system.”

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