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Java by any other name?

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12 February 2018

The Eclipse Foundation is running an online contest to rename enterprise Java, with participants able to choose between “Enterprise Profile” and “Jakarta EE”.

You can vote via a Google Forms page. A Google account is required to participate. Voting closes on February 23, 2018.

The chosen name also will be used for compatible, independent implementations. Enterprise Java has long been called Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) but is being renamed as part of Eclipse taking over the project. The renaming is necessary because Java EE remains a registered trademark of Oracle.

Eclipse warns that the name selected by this process has to pass legal and other trademark searches and may not become the chosen name. The final decision will be made by the Eclipse executive director, Mike Milinkovich, in consultation with the project management committee.

The two candidate names were selected after the foundation had taken nominations for a new name. (The Apache Software Foundation, which has its own Jakarta project for Java technologies, is OK with Eclipse using the name, the foundation said.)


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