IRISSCERT releases cyber-crime statistics for Ireland


23 November 2011

The Irish Reporting and Information Security Service (IRISSCERT) today released its first annual report on the spread of cybercrime in the Republic. According to figures covering the persion 1 January to 31 October 2011 a 441 security incidents was reported to the organisation, of which just over 92% of related to websites being broken into by criminals to host phishing scams.

The overall majority of issues (96%) were suspected of being sponsored by organised criminals with the primary motivation being financial.

Denial of service attacks, popularised by hacktivist group Anonymous in its campaigns against state agnecies in the US and copmaies like Visa and Amazon, accounted only for 1.5% of issues reported.

Brian Honan of IRISSCERT said: "The volume and type of incidents we deal with on a daily basis are a clear indication to Irish businesses that cybercrime is a real threat to our systems, our businesses and the economy… Businesses need to share information with the community so we all can learn [about these threats]. IRISSCERT provides this facility."




The report conincisdes with IRISSCERT’s Hackeire competition, which pits hackers against each other in a race to breach a mock corporate network.

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