Irish developers among top earners across Ireland and the UK

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23 March 2017 | 0

Irish developers are better paid than the majority of their counterparts in the UK, according to the latest Developer Hiring Landscape Report, from Stack Overflow.

On average, Irish developers earn up to 27% more than those in the UK, with median pay of €57,700 per year. This is on a par with London area developers, but more than a third (35%) higher than median salaries in Northern Ireland, and 22% higher than median salaries in Northern England. By comparison, developers in Wales have the lowest earnings in British and Ireland, with a median salary of £33,000 (€38,300).

At the upper end of the scale, the report found that developer salaries in the Republic of Ireland top out at €97, 800 (£86,000), 53% higher than Northern Ireland and 11% higher than those found in Southern England, which was ranked third.

The 2017 Developer Hiring Landscape Report is based on the results of Stack Overflow’s Annual Developer Survey, “which examines all aspects of the developer experience from education backgrounds and career satisfaction to what developers care about when searching for new job opportunities”.

“This year’s Stack Overflow’s Developer Hiring Landscape Report is based on the most comprehensive survey of the developer workforce to date,” said Kevin Troy, director of Insights, Stack Overflow, “with more than 4,700 responses from developers across the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland, and more than 64,000 responses globally.”

“At a time when the competition for developer talent is fierce, these findings demonstrate Ireland continues to be a major player in the global digital economy,” said Troy.

The survey also found that nearly two thirds (59%) of developers across Ireland and the UK are open to new opportunities, less than one in 10 (9%) are actively looking for a job.

The overwhelming majority of developers (94%) consider themselves to be at least partially self-taught.

Unsurprisingly, the vast majority of respondents (89%) were male, with just 7.3% being female, and the rest falling under the transgender, non-disclosing or other categories.

Three quarters of respondents are professional developers, with 12% students, 9% non-professional and a significant 2% being “pure hobbyists”.

Almost three quarters of respondents (73%) identified as web developers, followed by desktop application developers (28%) and mobile (16%). Interestingly, only 10% identified as DevOps specialists, and data scientists at 7%.

As regards education, close to half (43%) have a bachelor’s degree, one in five have a master’s degree, while 4% have a doctoral degree. By contrast, more than a quarter said that formal education for developers was only “somewhat important”.

The full results are available to view here.



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