Irish companies lax on security



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1 April 2005 | 0

The majority of Irish companies have failed to implement proper security measures, according to a leading IT security consultant. Grellan Larkin, head of Security Consulting at the Irish firm, Sysnet claims that a large number of local companies are simply not taking security seriously.

Larkin made the statement at the National IT and E-Security Summit (NITES) which was held recently in Dublin.

He claimed that IT security was being given a low priority because companies didn’t believe their information was a ‘valuable’ target.




According to Mr Larkin, security incidents are on the increase in Irish organisations, with companies being left open to damage from ’employee misuse of IT, fraud, hacking and viruses’.

He also said that companies would have to learn how to view security as an integral part of the business, something that must start at the top. Mr Larkin pointed out that security can affect company reputation and viability.


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