Irish Aviation Authority invests in EMM with B-Connected

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5 June 2015 | 0

This case study is provided by B-Connected.

The Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) is a commercial semi-state company employing approximately 650 people at five main locations around Ireland. The IAA has three main functions: the provision of air traffic management and related services in Irish controlled airspace, the safety regulation of the civil aviation industry in Ireland and the oversight of civil aviation security in Ireland.

IAA needed to provide employees with mobile devices to better meet their line of business needs. After initially deploying BlackBerry smartphones to its workforce, IAA recognised it had the security it needed to protect corporate information on-the-go, it soon realised these devices couldn’t sufficiently support the group’s internally developed applications and end user needs.

In 2012, IAA began searching for an enterprise mobility management (EMM) platform to maintain industry-level security while providing employees greater email and application access. “It is important for our users that we find a balance between security restrictions and a seamless work experience,” explained John Moran, IT manager with IAA. “Having worked closely with B-Connected over the years and leveraging on their vast experience in this field IAA selected AirWatch by VMware as its EMM solution of choice to increase employee productivity without risking data loss on mobile devices.”

Choosing a SaaS based implementation of AirWatch was the smart choice for us,” said Moran. “With B-Connected helping us every step of the way we were able to have our EMM platform fully live and working within a day.”

IAA was then able to replace its BlackBerrys with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets based on each employee’s profile in the company. Devices are configured through AirWatch with a passcode, device encryption and individual employee credentials for authentication and email access. With AirWatch, IAA can provide employees a safe way to access their e-mail on-the-go while preventing emails or attachments from ending up in personal inboxes or unsecure public file sharing services.

IAA employees also use mobile applications to communicate more effectively with each other. Recommended public or internal applications can be downloaded from the AirWatch App catalogue, a customisable app store fully configurable by IAA administrators. IAA also uses AirWatch solutions to create whitelists and blacklists to permit and block certain applications on devices. With these lists, employees can freely use certain applications, such as WebEx, for conference meetings, but they are prevented from downloading distracting applications, such as games, on their work devices.

Since implementing AirWatch and the mobility project, IAA has seen a 30% increase in user adoption of mobile devices. IAA is exploring its possibilities with a bring your own device (BYOD) initiative for secure corporate resource access. “Obviously, information security will remain central to the Aviation industry, but several information services might be opened up to more devices if employees can use their own,” said Moran. “B-Connected and the AirWatch solution will help us make these services available to more users.”

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