iPhones equipped with Force Touch ready to roll, says Bloomberg

Force Touch
Force Touch on the Apple Watch unlocks extra menu options in apps like Hipchat. Image: Macworld



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30 June 2015 | 0

Production is said to be underway for the next iPhone models, and it looks like the new version’s big selling point will be Force Touch.

Apple is reportedly adding the pressure-sensitive displays already found in the Apple Watch and 12″ MacBook to its iPhone line-up, unnamed sources told Bloomberg. The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus will be the same size and have the same look as their 4.7″ and 5.5″ predecessors, so manufacturing is expected to be hiccup-free – though the new displays could throw a wrench in the process.

Rumours of a Force Touch-equipped iPhone have been swirling for months. On the Apple Watch, the gesture is a must-have to open up extra features on the tiny display. The larger iPhone models have plenty of screen real estate, but that doesn’t mean Force Touch won’t be useful. The long hard press could be a shortcut to quick functions like dropping a pin in Maps, creating a new Calendar event, and looking up word definitions.

The next iPhone might also crib the Apple Watch’s haptic feedback feature to send you a subtle vibration just beneath the touch screen when the display registers a Force Touch press.

Apple likes to keep its product lines consistent by regularly incorporating features from one device into another. After the company added Force Touch to the newest MacBook, it became clear that the gesture can be useful across the hardware spectrum, so its addition to the next iPhone isn’t at all surprising.


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