ICS 2019: Year in Review

Prof Mike Hinchey, Lero
Prof Mike Hinchey

A packed year for the society with a new president, a new vision, and professionalisation drive



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16 December 2019 | 0

January – ICS Vision for the IT Profession and Data Protection Conference

ICS president, Professor Mike Hinchey

At the start of 2019, we welcomed our new president, Mike Hinchey, who shared our vision for the future of IT professionals. “We at ICS – and IFIP – want a future where our IT profession is strong, flexible and respected. Our goal is to create a professional ecosystem that attracts, nurtures, retains and creates talent.”

The Data Protection Conference also took place between 23 and 24 January 2019, examining the topic of “After the hype… the professionals’ perspective”. Speakers included Pat Breen, Minister for Trade, Employment, Business, EU Single Digital Market and Data Protection, Tom Hulton, Head of Data Privacy at An Post, Brian O’Connor, Head of Data Privacy at Aviva and Attorney Worldwide Expert in Data Privacy, Sheila Fitzpatrick. Presentations are available at dpo.ie

February – Building a community of IT professionals free to innovate and inspire

In February, we published a letter by our CEO, Jim Friars, detailing
how we want to build a community of IT professionals that is free to innovate
and inspire. Friars said: “Our vision is of Ireland, the first country in the
world where all IT professionals commit to Continuing Professional Development,
a code of conduct, ethics, standards, and a comprehensive Body of Knowledge
which proves the expertise of our IT workforce. Our goal is simple: a
professional register which demonstrates who the professionals are who meet
these standards.”




Find out more about our vision at ics.ie/news/ICS_vision

March – Women in Tech Leadership

March 2019 marked our first joint event with AWS to nourish tech talent in Ireland. This Women’s Leadership Workshop allowed 50 participants to develop and hone their management skills and soft skills to prepare them for leadership. The event was founded to rectify the under-representation of women on company boards and to encourage a new generation of female leaders in IT. Participants attended the workshop free of charge.

April – IT Asset Management Conference

ICS hosted the ITAM Conference 2019. The conference programme covered some of the specific challenges facing SAM and ITAM managers – not just in the security area, but also the wider perspectives in handling IT Assets in organisations. Speakers included: Kris Maes from Coca Cola, Daniel Begg from Sainsbury’s, Attila Kiraly from Vodafone and Rachel Ryan from Danske Bank. Presentations are available at www.ics.ie

May – ICDL digital skills certification programme launched

ICDL Foundation launched a refreshed digital skills certification and brand identity that will help meet the digital skills needs of students, workers and professionals across Europe at a time when technologies are developing faster than ever before.

ICS Foundation also hosted the brilliant Tech Week where school students across the country took part in a range of tech activities.

Part of Tech Week was also IT Professionals’ Day where many of you got involved.

On 17 May, our Annual Fellows’ Luncheon took place, welcoming 100 of our most experienced members to network and celebrate IT in Ireland.

June – Global Centre for Business Agility launched as a new force for Digital Transformation

The Irish Computer Society is proud to have welcomed the Global Centre for Business Agility (GCBA) to its network of supported member bodies. The Global Centre for Business Agility is a non-profit member organisation for professionals who use agile techniques to deliver better business value. GCBA has been founded by Fin Goulding and Haydn Shaughnessy, digital transformation thought leaders and course directors of the ICS-hosted Fundamentals of Business Agility using Flow course.

The IT Architects Conference also took place on 14 June. This year’s theme was “Digital diversity and transformation” and speakers include Danielle Cussen, Managing Director of Wizuda, Henry King, Data Architect and Gar Mac Críosta, Founder of Business Model Adventures. Presentations are available at iasa.ie

July – Digital certificates for members

Throughout July members started to receive their digital certificates. We have introduced the new certificates using Accredible to offer all members a verified digital membership certificate, adding authenticity to online CVs and making spreading the word about membership of ICS even easier.

Over 50,000 ICDL digital certificates have been issued to past candidates, allowing them to easily share their completed courses with a Blockchain-secured and verified certificate.

August – Business Agility Masterclass

Fin Goulding
Haydn Shaughnessy

In August, the new Global Centre for Business Agility, along with ICS, hosted a masterclass for all members to get their teeth into business agility techniques which can be used to manage a portfolio of projects or an innovation agenda. Business analysts were the focus of the event as they can play a pivotal role in the new world of business agility and the event was well attended.

September – itSMF Ireland Annual Conference

The highlight of September was our itSMF conference. This year’s them was ‘Service Management in the Digital Age’. Our line-up of speakers included Liz Barron, Leadership & Team Coach at Realize Coaching & Consulting, Brian McDermott, Head of Strategy & Innovation at Great-West Lifeco Europe, Dave Barron, Head of Distributed Platforms at AIB. Presentations are available at www.itsmf.ie.

October – ICS Leaders Conference, IT professionalism declaration and our Deputy CEO awarded the David O’Leary Award

In October the ICS Leaders’ Conference was held at the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel in Dublin for the countries’ top IT leaders. Speakers included Fiona Taaffe, CIO of Dubai Aerospace Enterprise, David Codd, CIO of Musgrave Group and Colm Gartlan, IT Director of Norbrook Laboratories. Presentations are available at ics.ie.

Our Deputy CEO Mary Cleary was awarded with the inaugural David O’Leary Award for her hard work on professionalising IT.

A new declaration on IT Professionalism was made by the ICS CIO Advisory board on behalf of the ICS CIO Forum at the recent ICS Leaders Conference.

November – 24th HISI Annual Conference and Scientific Symposium and ICDL award

This year’s HISI conference featured over 120 speakers across a range of topics including eHealth leadership, smart hospitals, wearables, EHRs and patient centred care. Over 600 attended the two-day conference. Presentations are online at hisi.ie.

The launch of ICDL digital certificates to all past candidates was also awarded an ICDL Foundation European Best Practice Award.


It’s been a very busy year for us. We’re proud to announce that our membership network has grown to over 15,000 members, from 11500 this time last year. We’ve had over 2000 people attend our 6 conferences and 30 free member events in 2019. 2700 of you have also accessed online resources from past events.

Thank you all for your contributions and support. We have plenty planned for 2020 already so we hope to see you at one of our many events soon.

Join our 15,000 members with a 3 month free membership trial. Visit ics.ie/freetrial to sign up.

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